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Famous soccer tricks

Every soccer aficionado goes crazy over famous soccer tricks often done by pro football players on the red hot football field. These tricks define a new age of the football game, with the greater intensity of excitement and thrill they can provide to the larger number of football fanatics.
Football tricks are awesome moves and stunts in the football field. A different level of entertainment and action can be generated for the soccer fans when this tricks and stunts are injected to the game by its players. A new taste or breed of moves adds more spice when it comes to entertaining the fans. With the rising popularity of the sport as a contact sport for all, more and more fans are getting hooked to it as they always thirst for something extraordinary in the out field. The millions of fans all over the world keep their eyes on players who can best deliver a smashing kick with a twist of a soccer trick. These famous tricks are undeniably an appealing aspect to the game.
However, football tricks are not learned over night. They require a great deal of discipline and constant practice. These tricks will never be a part of the player's skill if he has not given much of himself into the desire of giving a football trick justice on the soccer field. Players with advanced skills or ball maneuvering skills can develop a trick since they have all the basics of this contact sport and a strong foundation of the essentials of the game.

Football tutorials

Body feints and scissors aren't the only soccer tricks you see in a professional soccer match anymore. More and more soccer players use tricks and special moves to increase their game. But what are the best tricks to use in a match?

I've made a list of 5 very useful soccer tricks. These tricks are generally used to beat your opponent.

1 - Scissor

Although the scissor trick is very old, it's still very effective. Your opponent needs to concentrate fully on the ball to tackle you. But that's very hard when you perform a good scissor.

Besides that, the scissor is a great move to combine with another trick. Start with a scissor and follow up with a feint shot, for example.

2 - Step Over

The Step Over is a very effective trick once you fully master it. You use it to send your opponent the wrong way, or to buy yourself some time and space.

The Step Over can be widely used. You can use it while dribbling, but also when standing still.

But you can also customize the move itself. For example, try a double Step Over by 'stepping over' with your right foot and then your left. Or do a Step Over Turn, this is very useful for a defender that comes near his own back line with an opponent behind him.

3 - Cruyff Turn

In my opinion, the Cruyff Turn should be in all these type of lists. This soccer trick is very easy to learn, easy to execute and very effective.

Since Johan Cruyff introduced this soccer trick, lots of other soccer players started to use this trick, other came up with a variation. That brings me to another big advantage of this trick: you can customize it. Make this trick your own by giving it your own twist. Be creative!

4 - Marseille Turn

The Marseille Turn looks like a show off trick, but it's actually very useful. Just make sure not to to overuse it. This could annoy your opponent.

Imagine you're dribbling. By accident, you touch the ball a bit too hard. Your opponent goes for the ball. This is the perfect moment to use the Marseille Turn. With the Marseille Turn you throw your body between the ball and your opponent. In addition, you even beat your opponent and continue dribbling.

5 - Shoulder feint

This is a less known move but still very useful. It's the easiest move on this list. So make sure to add this to your game, no matter what your position is.

This is one of the most used soccer tricks. You use it to put your opponent on the wrong foot.

This trick requires almost no technique, all you need is timing and experience. Just like many other easy tricks, you can adjust this trick to your own needs or follow up with another trick.

These 5 tricks are very useful in matches. Except for the Marseille Turn, they're not very hard to learn and apply.

Don't underestimate it though. The best advice I can give to soccer players who want to use tricks, is that it requires time and experience to apply soccer tricks successfully.

Practice these tricks and keep practicing them. You'll see that after a while, you start using tricks in reactions to the actions of your opponents. You don't have to overthink them as much as in the beginning. Good luck!

Tonaldinho football trick

Biography of Ronaldinho

If you think of soccer tricks, Ronaldinho is one the first names that comes up in your mind. He is the typical Brazilian street soccer player, but better. Ronaldinho seems to have total control over the ball and he makes it look so easy. But how did he come so far? Well, here is his life story.

Ronaldinho's youth

Ronaldinho Gaúcho was born on 21st March 1980 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. He was born in a family of soccer addicts. Ronaldinho and his family lived in a wooden house in a favela. His father, João de Silva Moreira, played for Esporte Clube Cruzeiro, a local soccer club. To get by, he worked as a car park attendant at FC Gremio. João also worked in a local shipyard.

Ronaldinho's sister, Deisi, works as his press coordinator. His older brother, Roberto, now works as his manager.

Roberto showed a lot of soccer talent at a young age as well. When he signed a contract at FC Grêmio, he and his family moved into a villa in the more sophisticated and developed part of Porto Alegre, Guarujá. Life was good for Ronaldinho and his family. But when Ronaldinho was eight, his father suffered a fatal heart attack in the villa's swimming pool. To make things even worse, Roberto had to stop his soccer career after a bad knee injury.
    Ronaldinho as a Kid

Ronaldinho developed a special interest in futsal and beach soccer, this is probably where he developed his excelling technique. At this time, he got his nickname 'Ronaldinho', which means 'little Ronaldo'. The reason behind this name is the fact that he was almost always the youngest and smallest player on the field.

Ronaldinho's first breakthrough

Ronaldinho really started to make a name for himself at the age of 13 when he scored all 23 goals in a 23-0 victory against a local team.

Ronaldinho was signed by FC Grêmio to play in their youth squad. He was considered a wonder child from the age of 17. He played for the Brazilian U-17 squad at the U-17 WC in Egypt in 1997. He scored his first goal from a penalty in the 7-0 victory against Austria. He scored a total of 2 penalties at that tournament. Ronaldinho won the Bronze Ball at this tournament.

Ronaldinho played a very disappointing the season after his excellent seasons at Barcelona. Critics and tabloids were after him. The fans expected him to play like he did during the last two seasons but Ronaldinho just couldn't reach that level anymore.

Ronaldinho's move to AC Milan
Ronaldinho AC Milan    

During the transfer period, Manchester City showed concrete interest in Ronaldinho. The deal was of after Ronaldinho rejected a €25.5 million deal. Ronaldinho eventually moved to AC Milan for €21 million. He scored his first goal for Milan against rivals Internazionale in a 1-0 victory on 28 September 2008. He also scored the winning goal against Braga in the UEFA Cup group stage.

Ronaldinho still hasn't found the form he had during the period between 2004 and 2006. Many people argue on why this is. Some say it's because of his injuries, others say he isn't focused on his career and loves partying more than playing top soccer.

But no matter what the reason is, Ronaldinho has proven himself. People from all over the world would come to Barcelona just to see him play. Kids scraped together their allowance to buy a Ronaldinho-shirt. Despite what all the critics say, the chances are small we will see another player like Ronaldinho in the next 10 years.

The Rainbow Soccer Trick

The Rainbow Soccer Tutorial


The Rainbow is a very elegant trick. It can be used to get past a defender, but this needs a lot of practice.

The Rainbow looks a lot like the Rai Flick.

Tips and Advices

To get the ball over your head, lean forward when you kick the ball with your heel.

Tutorial Video


In Steps

Use the Rainbow when you're facing an opponent.

Step 1
While dribbling, place the heel of your dominant foot in front of the ball. Your toes should point in the direction you're going.

Step 2
Get your other foot behind the ball. The inside of this foot should touch the ball.

Step 3
Roll the ball with your weak foot onto the heel of your dominant foot.

Step 4
Hit the ball with the heel of your dominant foot.

Akka soccer trick

In Steps

Step 1
Get your dominant foot behind the ball.

Step 2
Touch the ball with the outside of your foot as if you're heading in that direction.

Step 3
This is where the Akka and Elastico are different. The touch with your foot's outside should be hard enough to lift the ball a little.

Step 4
Get your foot around the ball and snap back inside.

The Akka

The Akka soccer trick became famous thanks to Ronaldinho. The Akka is considered his signature move. Ronaldinho used the Akka a lot, especially when he played for FC Barcelona.

The Akka is a soccer trick that shouldn't be underestimated. It can be very hard to master. Make sure you've practiced the Akka enough before you start using it in matches.

The Elastico is another trick Ronaldinho used a lot. The Akka and the Elastico are very similar. I suggest you practice them at the same time.

There are a lot of variations on the Akka. For example, there's the Akka 3000. On this page, you'll find the normal Akka.

Tutorial Video


Tips and Advices

Don't lift the ball too high. That would make the Akka harder for you to control and easier to defend for your opponent.

When you snap outside, hit the ball a bit harder than you would do with an Elastico. Also, touch the ball a bit lower. This will make it easier to lift the ball.

Soccer game

Soccer tricks play a major role in soccer. They add creativeness, style and amusement to the game. But more important, they serve a purpose. A player that has mastered soccer tricks is able to get out of a lot more difficult situation than ´normal´ players. Players that use soccer tricks have a much better overall technique as well.

Are you ready to learn some soccer tricks? Take a look at the soccer tutorials and increase your skills. Don't be surprised if the next World Cup is won due to a soccer trick.

learn football tricks

Learning football tricks is easy if you work hard and practice you probably get success to learn the football tricks you also have to be healthy like if your leg is broken or hand so at that time you must not play another thing is if you learned one or two tricks do not think that now you are mastered in it you have to practice and practice until you get success. There are many football tricks like flying kick football trick, banana kick and many other it does take a time to learn it but believe me you will get success after you have mastered it. There are many football players like Christiano ronaldo, ronaldinho, and are many other they practised from child they practice and practice they never gave up now look at them they are a football player now. you can also become one of the football player all you have to do is never give up. So first i am going to teach you football banana trick .
Banana trick is like when you shoot a ball it goes into the air it flies. it doesn't flies ordinary it flies like banana it flies circle and hit the goal keeper

                                                             Banana trick
                                   So keep in mind that you must try hard to attempt this trick to mastered it. Practice and practice until you get success. There are also many football tricks like banana trick as i have show above
and there are also list of football tricks like:

Bicycle Kick: AKA: (The Pele Kick) when the ball is coming at you, Then you jump up in the air with your back parallel to the ground and kick the ball. When complete you land on your back. Bicycle Kick

Clayton: If you are on the line with your back facing the line and a defender face in front of you, drag the ball with your foot as if you were going to the corner flag. Than, as the ball is moving throw the foot you dragged with around the ball and cruyff with your other all in one motion. Now, you can dribble inward or put a nice cross into the 18.

Double SON: (See SON) take left foot step-over the ball to the right, use right leg to kick ball behind the left leg, then plant left foot, step-over the ball (WITH your right foot) to the left, and use your left foot to kick it behind your right foot. (Just doing the basic SON twice)

Drag-Step Over: take your right foot and kick toward the left, and as soon as you kick it to the left, take your right foot and do a step over to the right, then continue going left. It's a great move if you can get your timing right...Like knowing when to do the step over and all.

These are the football tricks. Keep in mind to do it perfectly you have to practice and practice. There also other tricks like rainbow kick. Before using this tricks remember to wear strong football boots. this helps in increasing your football strength ability. First when i was young at the young age i used to go to the park and play football i didn't know any of the trick my friend knew many of the football tricks they were champion they knew everything about football so they used to tease me. they used to play at the big park and they never invited me. Then i was very sad the only friend i had was my friend name manish he was a good guy. Then one day i bought a strong ball then i started playing i practiced so hard and now i am champion than them so i always tell to learn football tricks if you fail get up and try again show the world what you are made up of. Everyone will be amazed so learn football tricks. Learning tricks is not easy task you have to practice. There are also many football football players like Christiano ronaldo, ronaldinho as you know they are famous.
Football tricks some are easy some are hard it depend upon what you are playing like many famous player does